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Back to basics

I've been reading Larry's thread about computer technology while once again enjoying my old turntable.
I've been hearing for quite some time about the return of vinyl, but it wasn't until my daughter gave me a re-mastered copy of Abbey Road for Xmas, that I finally got around to dusting off the 1975-vintage Pioneer.
All it took was ordering a new drive belt from a guy in Minnesota, and I'm enjoying music I haven't played in 25 years, plus a collection of my dad's opera and classical recordings which I'm hearing for the first time.
Bit by bit I'm going through my discs and enjoying the whole process of lifting needle, dropping needle, flipping the disc. I'm not even bothered by the usual cracks and pops - they seem to take me back. lol
It's even cool to look at.

There is inner peace to be had in simplicity...