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Varadero is mobile

Got a call Saturday when I was on the way to TO that my Varadero had been pulled out of storage. Said the front tire is worn, which I expected, but I'm going to wait a month or two since it's not yet TOO bad and I hope to go to the east coast this summer with a brand new tire.

Decided to walk yesterday, a beautiful crisp sunny morning, with helmet and battery for the 40 minutes from Russell to Embrun to get the bike. About 35 minutes into the walk I realize I don't have the friggin' key; can't recall if they kept it or I did.

Predictably, I get there and there is no key. Sigh.

They kindly sent the very-expecting service desk woman to drive me the 7 minutes home and 7 again back. I guess for the first time in ages a dealer other than Bourque is going to get my tire business. Big kudos to Loiselle Sport in Embrun.

Varadero of course started instantly, as Hondas do. Even a 5 km ride at 3 degrees was fun.