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So what do I do now?

Went out last weekend and started up the old 82 GS 650. I have been running it periodically all winter, not so much to keep it limber, but to enjoy the sound. Ran fine, no issues. When I started it last weekend, to my horror, a ton of gas flowed out. I couldn't see where it was coming from (I was rushing it out of the garage before I set fire to the place). Started it again outside with the same result. Cursed as I was going to go for a ride, put absorbent down to sop up the gas and went back inside to get started on some cheap scotch, which helped but didn't do much for the bike.
Today I decided to rearrange the garage to make room for the impending dissembly of the bike and thought I'd move it outside and start it to try and figure out where the leak was. Started beautifully and there was not a hint of a gas leak.
Now I know it leaked; Esso and Shell both asked if they could drill on my property to try and recover the gas.
Do I partially fill the tank and go for a ride, avoiding all smokers in case, or should I try and figure out what happened when I have no trace of the issue?