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Things you only see at bike shows

Was at the "supershow" tonight - always a hoot. Some stuff you only see at bike shows:

-Meat sticks, more meat sticks than people ...why so many?
-A toddler, looking out between his fathers legs at the girl with nothing more than a g-string strung about her floppy butt ...kid was transfixed!
-Special guests (that we actually didn't go looking for) ...Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Boobus Gigantus...
-Swear I saw a Christian biker swear under his breath after someone rejected his free bible for the umpteenth time
-People dressed in their biker gear who clearly didn't ride to the event ...I just don't get that!?

Anything you'd add?

That said, it's always great to see crowds of motorcyclists enthused about our sport, even in the myriad of odd ways we show it.