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Bike-curious types *PIC*

Just came back from a couple of days in Detroit, taking in their auto show with my two sons. It was my first time seeing that show and I was a bit disappointed (the TO show is better), but loved the city. GM headquarters is also a must visit, was cool to see the batman sign out of my hotel window (Chevy had a full size batman car made in lego at the show, hence the sign).

Anyhoo, was wondering why manufacturers don't display some of their bikes at car shows. Most people that I've met who are into cars are also bike-curious but don't make the leap for a number of reasons - "too intimidating, too expensive, too dangerous, too hard to ride, etc etc".

So why doesn't Honda, Audi/Ducati, BMW and others show some of their least intimidating models at the show? The only bikes we saw there was from BMW and their GTL1600 and S1000RR models - talk about intimidating to the new rider! Especially with so few dealers now, how can manufacturers expect to reach new audiences and build the sport? It's won't be via the bike shows, where I'd assume most in attendance are already riders. It just makes no sense. In the absence of a "you meet the nicest people" campaign, this seems to be a no-brainer!