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Back after long absence.
Moved to Nova Scotia two years ago 'cause wife wants to be near the grand-kids. We got grand kids in the UK too, but we're not movin' there. They're young - they can endure the flights, now with less leg room!!

Nova Scotia? reason to buy an ATV!! There are no roads here. I was spoiled by the roads in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Tennessee.

One "bike" road they said I had to experience was "Marine Drive." No comment! Seriously.

So, last summer, I headed down to North Conway NH. At least there are some nice mountainous roads by rushing the SACO. Oh.. and the beer is priced for drinking. Here in Nova is priced as if it were SEX! And, though you have to pay 10 cents a can enviro fee... like Ontario, when you return your cans you only get 5 cents back!!
That other nickle? It follows all the socks you lost over the years in your dryer!!

Riding season here (when you are counting on sunny weather) is August and September. Last year, people were thrilled that even July had fewer rainy days than normal. April, May and June are really rainy here. Weather changes rapidly here! You can experience three seasons of weather in 20 minutes here. They say, if you don't like the weather, wait ten minutes. They don't say you'll like it in 10 minutes, they just note it will change.

Last summer, farmers in the south were suffering a drought as their wells ran dry. That is so strange in a province where there is less than 1 million people and the environment is generally so very WET!

I hope this summer is like last summer...except in the south. I hope they get soaked. But from here in Halifax to Digby (Ferry escape to the continent) I pray for warm, sunny dry days and evenings.

Oh for those with a memory... I met Geets in North Conway last summer. We have shared rides every summer since he appeared on CMG back in 2000.

Sorry to hear about Rob Harris. Hope the bikes in the afterlife are all we dream they should be!