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Los Angeles

In LA for a few days and if you think the traffic is bad in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.... hah! We're in the low minors. This is Major Leagues of traffic and there doesn't appear to be a slow time.

On the 405 a few times and if you lived here, the only way to get around without your head exploding would be on two wheels and that means lane splitting and filtering. Works great, and most guys seem to pick the spot between the HOV lane and the next one over as it's slightly wider. Every rider seems to do it, drivers don't have a problem with it and I've observed every type of two-wheeler from Ninja 300s and scooters to full dress baggers that seem as wide as a car. Don't know if i'd feel comfortable splitting with bags but they do.

And to put the loud pipes save lives BS - in every case, even the pirates with straight pipes, I couldn't hear the bike coming between the lanes till it was right by our front quarter.

We likely can't expect anything as civilized as lane splitting and filtering to alleviate our traffic situations but man, it'd be nice. The first step would be to drag Ontario kicking and screaming into the 19th century and allow motorcycles into the HOV lanes without carrying a passenger. Hey, you guys back east - Wynn is starving for votes. Now is the time.