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Anyone into boats ? *PIC*

Yee haw !!!

Are you looking for more power out on the water? Sixteen Power, LLC’s all-new V16 marine engine is the engine the marine market didn’t know it needed.
The very first full power pull produced 1,100 HP and 1,100 lb.-ft. of torque with very cautious operating parameters.
The new clean sheet engine design opts for a strategy to use four standard V8 heads. That eliminated the cost and technology limiting aspect of tooling custom heads.
Cooling the engine is accomplished with two stage sea pumps, a twin circulating pump, two engine coolant heat exchangers, a transmission cooler, twin oil coolers, a power steering fluid cooler, and a fuel cooler. Lastly, the engine is fuel injected and has twin drive-by-wire throttle bodies.
The V16 engine features 90-degree V16 architecture, a 14.0L displacement, 10.7:1 compression ratio, and can offer 900 hp – 2,000 hp depending on the components and upgrades.