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Visible minorities and motorcycling

Okay, here goes.
With the Soapbox mostly inhabited by older, straight white guys (to the best of my knowledge) and the softening of the motorcycle market in 'developed' countries maybe its time for manufacturers to look at targeting alternate social communities ?
We have the cruiser pirates, sportbike squids, ADV Starbucks crowd, off-roaders and hardcore racer types pretty much covered.
Vicky Gray and her Motoress site has focused on women but seems to have stagnated.
What about the LBGTQ crew, persons of colour or new Canadians ?
Are the powers that be missing out on potential markets ?
Here in the COTU, in times past we've had the Amazons, and the leather boys that hung out at the Tool Box, but all that has gone strangely quiet.
I await your responses with baited breath.... :)