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I've joined club

of riders who have fallen off. Riding in North Halton, came around the second of two 90 degree turns to find a car stopped in the middle of the road. Applied brakes, lost the front wheel and the rest is medical history. Came to about 20 minutes later with EMS bending over me and a very sore right shoulder.
Taken to Georgetown hospital and assessed, I was transferred to Hamilton General which is the regional trauma centre.
End result is a fractured collar bone, a fractured shoulder blade & a punctured lung. Spent two days in Hamilton while they dealt with the lung and was released this morning.
Sunday was my 44th wedding anniversary & Steph is not impressed. Plus we were scheduled to go camping for two weeks in June which is now off.
Not too pleased with the world right now.
I was going 20 kph when I went over.
Thanks to Joe Rocket for keeping it from being worse