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That's It For Me, Folks

Its been a little more than 15 years since I first "favourited" this website. A few months later I got to meet Editor 'Arris on one of his many trips out west. There were interesting and irreverent articles, nutball competitions, general hilarity and some genuinely dingy people (remember Firestorm?) who frequented the site. I've met a few folks who have stayed at The Compound when they've been to BC. I've met others at MotoGP and VRRA races. Heck, I even managed to convince a contributor to throw off the shackles of Ontario's flatlands and move west (and I know I'll live to regret it).

But since 'Arris' passing, CMG is a mere shadow of its former self. Gone are the wacky articles replaced by, dare I say it, boring and repetitious crap either gleaned from other websites and news releases or written by people who think they know more than their customers. There are a couple of contributors who are the exception and they know who they are.

So, after years happily needling Rui and then finally making peace, after countless exchanges with many of you which made me literally laugh out loud, and after hoping that this site would survive the demise of its Great Leader, I bid you all adieu.