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Some Ontario Statistics

The Ontario motor vehicle accident statistics came out recently. And I noted some interesting motorcycle ones.

For 2014 (the last year for the full statistical package) there were 234,893 motorcycles registered and licensed for the road.(This seems to be a record high.) Motorcyclist fatalities (rider + passenger) were 61 persons for a fatality rate of 26.0 per 100,000 registered motorcycles. The lowest rate was 17.3/100,000 in 2011, rates as far back as 2007 (30/100,000) were under 30/100,000.

Looking further back,in 1997 the rate was 40.0/100,000, in 1987 it was 95/100,000 and in 1977 it was 105/100,000. Not the "good old days" as far as safe motorcycling was concerned.

One other interesting 2014 stat was the fact that 52% of the registered and licensed motorcycles in Ontario were 10 or more model years old. Generally, with car registrations about one third of licensed cars are 10 or more model years old. The motorcycle age structure seems to vary widely. In 1987 just 26% of bike were age 10 or more. By 1997, when the motorcycle market was in the doldrums due to high insurance costs, 74.1 % of the licensed bikes were 10 or more years old. By 2007, that percentage was down to 38.2. Since 2010 the percentage of 10 years or more old bikes has gradually increased by 2 to 4% per year.