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What does an aussie need to know about insurance?

Gday gents,

I'm setting foot in the great white north September 5th (Toronto to be specific). I've have got two years to live and work wherever looks right across Canada.
I'm bringing over all my motorcycle protection gear which includes (Helmet, Jacket, Boots, Gloves, wet weather gear, thermals and a waterproofed canvas sack).
I've done a bit of research on the general requirement's for buying a used motorcycle in Canada, and the two things that have confused me most was Insurance.

Now for the Clarification: If I'm going to take the bike across multiple provinces, eventually residing in BC. Should I get the 3rd party insurance in Toronto for the 2 months or so I'm riding around Canada. Then when I arrive in Vancouver, swap the license, re-register, re-insure under that provicnial scheme?

I would also accept "Talk to a broker when you get here" but I like to have a plan haha

Cheers boys