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WTF - no charges laid in bike crash? *LINK*

From the article:

"Meanwhile, police are still trying to determine what led to the crash.
Police said the U-turn the driver made was illegal because it was made on a curve but they are still investigating other factors that could have led to the collision.
“Part of that collision was an action by the driver, but we are still looking at the actions of the motorcyclists to determine if anything they did contributed to this collision as well,” Const. Clint Stibbe told CTV News Toronto on Monday."

So what am I missing? Even if she did something to contribute (like speed) how does that change the culpability of the dikwad who made the u-turn in front of them?

It's bad enough when only a traffic charge/fine is levied when there's loss of life due to somebodies stupidity, but not even laying a charge??