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Went for one helluva ride today..... a B17 G out of Peterborough. I got the seats for the bombardier and navigator in the nose from the CAF based out of Arizona `bout a month ago, pricey but worth every dime. My friend Robbie took the bombardier spot as he is large NHL player size, I sat behind him in the navigator position.. fairly tight seating with a .50 cal. on each side of me. After our pre-flight briefing we waited for the B17 to swing around in front of us to board, they had to shut down the two engines on our boarding side ladder as we climbed into the nose, six other passengers easily got into the waist gunners spots. I`ve gotta mention as the pilot positioned for us to board the presence and power of the plane and smell of those 4 Wright-Cyclones packed a huge punch, every gearhead on this board would understand. The flight was about 40 minutes at fairly low altitude, probably several thousand feet and earplugs are necessary, I removed one to see how loud it was and it is friggin` loud. I did ponder how all those young men felt spending many hours in the cold very tight confines of one of these with the terror of others attempting to kill you at any moment, it really made me think. They did 5 flights today and parked it after our flight for a break and to let the large sized crowd tour through it, the bomb bay doors were open and some dummy 500 pounders were in there. Inside the doors were many signatures and short histories of the many Vets who had visited it, pretty much all those guys signed their names with a 90 something age included. The plane is the Sentimental Journey