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Mechanical disaster memoirs

I was harkening back during the storm to some of the disaster, or perhaps just near disaster, mechanical episodes I've experienced on motorcycles. Share yours too.

Probably the worst and potentially most disastrous was when I was working on the FJ. Had both wheels off for new tires with bike on centrestand, was also wrenching or torquing something and happened to pull hard in the direction that took the bike forward, off the centrestand, onto the forks, exhaust, frame and swingarm. Luckily it didn't tip over. How to get it back on the stand? No hoist, no rafters strong enough to rope it.

Used a jack at the front, holding the bike steady, to lift it high enough to get a motorcycle lift under the frame. Then got it high enough to get the front wheel on. Then lowered it onto jackstands so I could get the motorcycle lift out and the rear wheel on. Then got it back on the stand.

Luckily, other than a tiny dent in one pipe there was no damage.

Anyone have amusing tales of woe - spark plug strips the head when tightening, shredded sidecover bolts, etc.?