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CTC good service (no M/C)

I know they get a lot of flak for a lot of things, but in fairness, I'll send props out to CTC for their service with respect to two things.

First, when I moved I bought a portable "temporary" (it's been up since I bought it) shed to keep the snowblowers in winter, and the bikes in summer. After two years a cat's claws poked numerous holes in the roof when he was climbing up to the garage roof. So I call the 1-800 number on the setup instructions, give them the product number, and for a nominal amount get a complete new skin for the thing.

Even better, I bought a 20 gallon upright compressor a few years ago. The thing has been quite good; but when I came home from a roadtrip for work last week the regulator had broken off. Now I know that's a sign of inferior metallugy (since nothing had fallen on it), but it was a cheap item in the first place. I call the 1-800 number in that brochure on Saturday, and today a new regulator arrived, free of charge ("I'm going to consider this a warranty issue, sir."). Quite decent of them, I'd say.

To top it off, I still use a Mastercraft wheelbarrow that my father bought circa 1969. Sometime in the 70's he did braze a repair in the floor by the bolts, and it may have had wheel bearings, otherwise though, his $6.99 (he thinks; one of the few receipts he didn't keep) has done pretty well.