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More good service news (no M/C)

As good as CTC's response was, it didn't solve the problem that the broken remnant of the regulator was threaded into the tank. Tried my extractors; bit in tight enough that something was going to break, but I feared it was not going to be the stuck thread. Tried drilling it out so it was thin then using a punch to chip it out; nada.

There's a welding and fabricating place near the main crossroads in Embrun, still resembles a horse stable more than a welding shop, interior is dark and stained by probably 70 years of soot although they have some state of the art things like plasma cutters. I'd taken my lawnmower deck there, they repaired a major structural failure with it at a cost less than one wheel for it. They extracted the remnant and ran the proper tap through to clean up the threads; guy said it was really stuck in there, maybe locktite or something, they had to tack weld something on to get it out.

Guess what they charged. Hint - I paid them more than they asked.