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Progress? (no m/c0

When I was a kid, almost all cars had cheap black painted steel wheels with sometimes expensive, sometimes cheap plastic, wheel covers, often called "hubcaps", sometimes valuable enough that people would steal them. They covered the unsightly, rust-pocked utilitarian steel wheels. In later days, ie. the 80's and early 90's, plastic wheel covers were the norm, very inexpensive, held on with the lug nuts usually, made the unsightly wheels less unsightly, didn't corrode, if they broke you just got a new one.

Now, everyone (around here anyway) has alloy wheels even on their poopbox little car, and they buy a set of steel wheels to put their winter tires on. And drive around with godawful black steel wheels that we spent decades successfully hiding.

Why the hell don't we still have cheap plastic wheel covers to put over these things so your car doesn't look like it has wheels from a 1947 Fargo pickup?