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Things we need more of on motorcycles

Forget about sport bikes for a moment. Real world bikes for street riding could use more of the following:

Hydraulic valve lifters
Shaft or belt drive
Alternatives to standard forks (eg. Telelever, new Goldwing, Yamaha GTS)
Fully adjustable suspension components
Standard retainers - metric hex, metric Allen, Phillips, and nothing else.
Pop-fit bodywork to reduce the number of retainers
Fuel gauge and gear indicator - especially the fuel gauge
Self-cancelling turn signals
Components that can handle some ethanol in the fuel
Regular gasoline capability
Adjustable seat height - because some of us are Bondos, and some of us are larrys
Over-capacity alternator so you can add on the heated grips, vest, socks, etc. without taxing the system

Any others that I missed?