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Millenials and motorcycles

U.S. numbers, but interesting nonetheless -

"When breaking down new and pre-owned motorcycle purchases by generation in 2017, millennials took the top spot over all others, including baby boomers, according to data compiled from CDK Global Recreation’s Lightspeed DMS. This motorcycle retails sales study focuses on 382,000 motorcycles sold between Jan. 1, 2017 and Dec. 31, 2017.
This study includes all motorcycle segments, including cruiser, dual-purpose, enduro, motocross, sport, standard and touring types of motorcycles. This study only includes units where the VIN number can be decoded to identify the exact make, model, product line and segment. OEMs that do not provide specific VIN decoding were not included. Millennials had the highest percentage of motorcycle purchases in this study, but
Generation X came out swinging toward the end of the year. Millennials had purchased 36 percent of the total motorcycle sales between Jan. 1, 2017 and Dec. 31, 2017. Generation X has the highest percentage for a single month of motorcycle sales, with this generation consuming 40 percent of motorcycle sales in December. Overall, Generation X consumed 33 percent of all motorcycle purchases in 2017. This generation spent more money than millennials, with the average unit purchase price being $11,100. A total of 25 percent of motorcycles were purchased by the baby boomer generation in 2017. Sales to this generation held steady for most of the year but started to decline in November. Baby boomers spent the second highest amount on their unit in this study, with the average unit selling price of $14,800. At the time of this study, Generation Z celebrated adulthood, with this generation reaching 21 years of age. This generation consumed only 5 percent of the total motorcycle sales, with an average unit selling price of $6,790. The silent generation is not a major consumer, but they are spending the most on a new motorcycle. This generation purchased 2 percent of motorcycle sales in this study with an average unit purchase price of $15,400. Generation birth dates are as follows for this study: Silent generation — 1945 or earlier; Baby boomer — 1946-1964; Generation X — 1965-1979; millennial — 1980-1995; and Gen/Generation Z — 1996-current. The generation is determined based on the buyer’s age at the time of the unit purchase."