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Re: Any '14 or newer Tenere owners here?

I test rode one in 2012 and loved everything but the $18k price, so I suspect it only got better, and now, cheaper. Riding it convinced me to go from sport-tourers to adventure style.


: Local dealer has a new 2014 left over sitting on the floor for
: $11g, it's not the ES model but still has adjustable bits, ABS,
: traction control and cruise. I don't plan on going offroad with
: it, giving up my KLR because I don't go there anymore, will be
: spent as a everyday rider/ touring bike on (mostly) paved roads.

: My question is how do you like it for 2 or more day ride comfort
: wise? How is that seat? Felt way better than the Corbin flat I
: have on the KLR that's for sure, but the showroom only tells so
: much. I know it's a totally subjective question but the youtube
: videos I watched seemed to have positive things to say but most
: are reviews of new bikes. Figured I'D ask people who have the
: bike for a while how they like their bike?