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Rides you've missed?

Two things I sincerely regret never riding (categories, not individual bikes) are a fuel drag bike and a snortin' mile dirt-tracker. I suppose I should pre-pay my funeral before trying either of those at this age, lol.

At least I've been on a small oval, and have a picture of a Jawa speedway bike on top of me to prove it ... :)

There are some particular older bikes, but not a lot -- sure, many I'd be interested in, but not many I really regret missing. A Kawasaki 750 triple is one of those, for sure.

Silliest bike I ever rode and loved every second of it? Probably a Honda CBX-1000 turbo. That was seriously whacked-out. A Laverda Jota 1000 isn't that far behind, really.