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DRZ400SM- It's time to go

So I've been back on my DRZ400SM the last two summers after being off of two wheels
for too many years.

I bought it to learn a little about dirt riding and had some great moments up around the gravel rollercoaster fireroads of Lake Salerno. If you think the 507 is fun, grab a DP bike
and explore this area- they're located to the northwest of the 507. Catching air with the DRZ on those roads is about the most fun I've had on two wheels.

The DRZ has been interesting- it's at times the best bike in the world; but ultimately frustrating as it is no all all day all rounder. The only mod to make it a bit more livable I've done is to fit a bigger Acerbis tank- which means the fan has to go. Not an issue living in the sticks but a compromise.

The worst thing is the seat- I think Suzuki upholstered tampons over surplus skateboards
to concoct this device. Sadly, they didn't include a Novocain injection kit to numb my buttocks. They is space for syringes under the side panel so this is an opportunity missed. Perforated leather pants would make this a snap.

Other shortcomings are more retail- I wish the 400 was a 650 on the 100kph highway portion of my commute and that the passenger seat held more than a small child. As my small child (13) is now becoming a big lump and fitting into my riding boots I really need a bigger bike someday.

So within its' sphere it's cheap to run, rugged and brilliant handling- it's just that I keep wishing it were more because I just want to stay on it once rolling. Perhaps a SM950 or a early Multistrada should be used for two up touring next year. Which one?