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Trials course

Took an introduction to trials riding course on Sunday, sponsored by the Bytown Motorcycle Association (a dirt organization, in the OFTR), it was fantastic. Used my XT, we did static balance exercises, tight, slow turn exercises, aiming (riding on planks - which surprised me as being the hardest thing), and unweighting, then in the afternoon did some application of it on a few small sections with rocks and mud. Great for skill building; reminds me of when I did FAST, I had no intention of doing track days or racing, but it was a great skill builder, this was the dirt equivalent.

Got to try a real trials bike; nothing like going from a Varadero to a 145 lb bike (also a Montesa-Honda, as it turned out).

I'm no spring chicken and it was a physical workout; especially having a 1.5 hour ride home (I have to get a trailer or truck) after, but it was great.

Strongly suggest anyone, at any level, take a course of some kind, just to challenge yourself. Next up, sailing lessons in July.