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Flat track school *LINK*

Spent a cool Saturday morning at the 1/8 mile oval in Paris ON relearning the Art of flat track racing
I now realise the reason I never succeeded at it was I'm not any good at it
I also learned a two fifty Honda is much much faster than my beloved old relic of a WR Harley
The course involves three class type settings interspersed with on track riding in small groups. All equipment is supplied unless you are me. They just don't expect people my size to go I guess ;)
By the end there is lots of free riding time supervised by expert level rider/instructors
If you ever said to yourself How hard can it be?
I highly recommend taking the course. It's educational and it involves motorcycles and is one heck of a great deal of fun
Plus everything you know about street riding? No use what so ever.
It has the Johnnie Phatt seal of approval

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