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Things I learned this weekend

1. Riding in extreme heat and humidity is worse than riding in rain; you still get soaked but you are incredibly dehydrated and uncomfortable.

2. No motorcycle seat is comfortable for more than about 500 km, if that.

3. Washington DC to Russell is too far for a fun day. When the last 3 hours is in driving rain, it's even worse.

4. Gettysburg is worth going to again and again. Washington is too; and is surprisingly easy to ride into and out of, right to the mall and the monuments, where there is lots of street parking.

5. Nothing is really "waterproof"; some stuff resists for a longer time than other stuff.

6. Unadilla MX is still a really big deal; how many events here have several thousand people camped out at the track on the Friday afternoon?

7. At least cool, wet weather doesn't wear the tires down as much during the 900 km slab ride home.

8. A knee can be more painful from being in one position with no weight on it than from walking around a stadium for an afternoon.

9. If a gas machine asks for your zip code, use the 3 numbers from your postal code plus 2 zeros. Wish I'd learned that on my first gas stop rather than my last one.

10. This riding that we do is a great thing.