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Re: Things I learned this weekend
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: 1. Riding in extreme heat and humidity is worse than riding in
: rain; you still get soaked but you are incredibly dehydrated and
: uncomfortable.

: 2. No motorcycle seat is comfortable for more than about 500 km, if
: that.

: 3. Washington DC to Russell is too far for a fun day. When the last
: 3 hours is in driving rain, it's even worse.

: 4. Gettysburg is worth going to again and again. Washington is too;
: and is surprisingly easy to ride into and out of, right to the
: mall and the monuments, where there is lots of street parking.

: 5. Nothing is really "waterproof"; some stuff resists for
: a longer time than other stuff.

: 6. Unadilla MX is still a really big deal; how many events here
: have several thousand people camped out at the track on the
: Friday afternoon?

: 7. At least cool, wet weather doesn't wear the tires down as much
: during the 900 km slab ride home.

: 8. A knee can be more painful from being in one position with no
: weight on it than from walking around a stadium for an
: afternoon.

: 9. If a gas machine asks for your zip code, use the 3 numbers from
: your postal code plus 2 zeros. Wish I'd learned that on my first
: gas stop rather than my last one.

: 10. This riding that we do is a great thing.

: MM

Point 9 is very useful indeed, for most Canadians! 1 and 5 are very sadly true. 2 goes away after a couple weeks in the saddle on a long trip.