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Forum Upgrade Update

Hi all,

Just a note to all of you to address some glaring issues we're still having.

Spam that Appears:
Currently, I've got a "filtered phrases" list that is about 1000 words deep. It captures between 1,100 and 1,400 posts per day. 1-2 of those posts still get through, and I zap them as quickly as I can. Unfortunately, i'm not able to delegate moderators in this system.

Real Posts Getting Blocked:
This one is a major frustration. Unfortunately, because this system is so unsophisticated, some real posts from real people get blocked. I skim the list of blocked posts before emptying them, but with so many of them in the queue, I often miss real posts.

Several companies have had a look at the system and tried to migrate the old system, and we just this week finally found someone who thinks they can do it. We're hoping it flies this time.

Why Not Just Delete and Start Again?
CMG has 20 years of deep, rich history. We're not interested in erasing that, no matter how convenient it might seem. That's why this process has taken so long. We still think we're doing the right thing, but welcome your input.

Locking the Forum:
When I have a realistic, concrete timeline from the migrating folk, I will post a "lock" message here on the forum. It will explain we're shut down for a time frame to allow the migration to go through, and give an expected re-emergence date.

The New Forum:
The new system will be vbulletin. It's a robust, powerful, easy-to-use and much better system. I'm impatient to try it.

Again, thank you for your patience.